13 Network Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 3 and 3G?

3 is the name of the network (in the same way as Orange or O2 is) while 3G is the technology (in the same way as GSM or GPRS is).

Can I bring my number to 3?

Yes, you can transfer your existing number to a new handset with 3

There is however a limitation that you need to be aware of. Once transferred your existing number will work fine for voice calls and text messages but you will receive a new additional 3 number for making and receiving video calls.

Before ordering your 3 mobile phone, you should always contact your existing Service Provider and obtain a "PAC" number which is the authorization for you to transfer your number to another network.

What do the inclusive minutes apply to?

The inclusive minutes with all Video Talk monthly plans include standard voice calls to any UK Network at any time of the day or night. Standard voice calls include calls to voicemail, UK landlines and other UK mobile network including Orange , O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. Calls made from outside the UK and Video calls, international calls and premium rate calls are all chargeable at all times and do not come out of your inclusive minutes.

3 Mobile offer a pay as you go tariff?

Yes, 3 Mobile offer a 3G pay as you go product called ThreePay.

Can I buy just a SIM card for 3?

No, if for example you buy a handset from shop you will probably be wasting your money. You cannot buy just a SIM card for a 3 handset; you have to buy a handset and SIM card together.

Do unused minutes carry over each month?

Unfortunately not, you cannot rollover unused minutes to the following month.

How long does it take for a phone to be delivered?

Normally you can expect delivery within 24 to 48 hrs of ordering subject to stock availability, credit check and payment authorisation.

Can anyone buy a 3 phone?

Unfortunately not, you must be a UK resident aged 18 or over and connection to 3 Mobile is subject to status and a credit check.

How does half price line rental work?

In August, the first 3 months will be automatically billed at half price by 3. Any remaining half price months are via redemption. .

2 T Network Frequently Asked Questions

What all countries can I use my T-Mobile in

T-Mobile has roaming agreements with mobile network providers across countries and continents. So you can operate your existing mobile number in any country you go to simply by connecting it to a network of the country you are visiting.

How do I get roaming facility activated on my number?

All you need to do is call T-Mobile Customer Service at 150 from your T-Mobile phone or 0845 412 5000 from a landline.

What are the call charges in using my T-Mobile connection abroad?

Firstly, while on roaming, you need to pay for calls made as well as received. Call charges vary across countries and will depend on the country/region you are in. All call charges will be displayed in your monthly bill.

Do I need a different handset to use abroad?

T-Mobile operates on 1800MHz in United Kingdom , while some foreign networks operate on 900MHz. so depending on where you are going you might need a dual-band phone as it automatically swaps between the frequencies available.

Most of the current handset models in the market are dual-band ones. However, you might need a tri-band phone in US as some networks there operate at the frequency of 1900MHz.

Can I use Voicemail facility on roaming?

All T-Mobile customers can check their messages through voicemail while on roaming. All you need to do is set up a voicemail PIN. It lets you pick-up your messages from any touch-tone phone.

Can I message while on roaming?

If the foreign network you are using allows it den you can text while roaming overseas. However, the rates charged will vary.

3O2 Network Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Voicemail 901 while abroad and how much does it cost?

Follow the steps to get an answer

Click on the "Going abroad" link below, select where you are going and then choose the network to see how Voicemail 901 will work. A call to Voicemail 901 is always charged at the "Back to UK " rate.

Click on the "Making calls while abroad" link below for more information.

O2 also recommend that you get your unique Voicemail Retrieval Number (VRN) because this will work everywhere (even from another phone). You can get this by dialling 1780 from your mobile phone in the UK , or +447802 090100 while abroad.

Make a note of the number given and dial it to listen to your messages. Sometimes you will reach your own personal greeting. If so, press * and then your four-digit code (default 8705).

Is my mobile phone compatible with foreign networks?

If you travel anywhere in the EU the mobile phone you use in the UK will definitely be compatible. If you're going to America , Canada or Latin America you'll need a tri-band mobile phone. In Columbia you'll need a quad-band mobile phone such as the Motorola v600.

Please consult your mobile phone User guide to see if you'll be able to use your mobile phone abroad.

How do I find out if I can use my mobile phone abroad

All O2 customers can make calls back to the UK while travelling in another country. You can also make calls to numbers within the country that you're roaming in, and to other countries around the world. Your mobile phone should already be enabled to do this, however the level of service we can offer you is dependent on how long you have been with us and also your billing history record. If you would like to find out more about this, please click on the "Telephone Us" link below for details of our customer service contact numbers. http://www.o2.co.uk/help

How do I make a call back to the UK from my mobile phone?

Before you take mobile phone outside of the UK , there are a few things you'll need to do: Contact customer services at least two days before you go (three days if you are going to the USA or Canada) to make sure your mobile phone will work when you're away. Store any numbers in your mobile phone that you're likely to need in international format, e.g. +44 161 000 0000. If you plan to use Voicemail 901 while you're abroad, dial 1780 to get your personal Voicemail Retrieval Number (VRN). It's a good idea to save your VRN for future reference. Make a note of the emergency number for the country you're going to. It's usually 112 or 999 (911 in USA or Canada ). Make sure your mobile phone is insured in case of mishap To make a call to another mobile phone or landline from outside the UK , always use the full international number. This full international dialling number includes the international dialling code (+ or 00) the country code, area code (without the 0) and then the mobile number. For example, to call a number in Paris (even if you are in France ) dial +33 1 23 45 67 89. To call back to the UK you must also use the full international number. For example, to call Manchester dial + 44 161 000 0000.

Can I send pictures and data while abroad?

Just like you can use networks abroad to make and receive calls, there are many networks where you can use media messaging to send or receive pictures or use all the services of WAP and GPRS while abroad. Basic WAP is available in all countries where you can make voice calls and is charged at the same rate as voice calls. Media messaging is charged at the same price as when you are in the UK and is available in all countries where you can use GPRS. Click on the "GPRS Networks" link below to find out about costs and countries where you can use GPRS. GPRS Network How are calls charged while abroad? If you're a Pay Monthly customer, when you make a call while abroad, the minimum charge you can incur is equivalent to a one-minute call. After that, you're charged in units of 15 seconds. If you're a Pay & GoT customer, you'll be charged for a minimum of one minute and then in one-second units. For calls you receive while abroad you'll be charged per second with no minimum charge. How do I find out whether there is a GSM network where I'm going? Click on the "Going Abroad" link below and select the country from the drop down list. If your mobile phone can work there you'll see the country and you'll find out everything you need to know about using your mobile phone, including the costs.

4Orange Network Frequently Asked Questions

What are Magic Numbers?

Magic Numbers are the numbers which you can call free of cost for one hour. After one hour completes you are charged as per normal rates. This is applicable only with an orange number For pay monthly customers you will be able to nominate one new magic number every six months whilst you remain on an eligible package. You can call your Magic Numbers for up to an hour and pay for just one minute.

How do I set up my phone for photo and video messaging?

Photo and video messaging is possible only when your handset supports the same. You shall receive the settings and you need to save those settings in your mobile phone. To receive those settings you need to send a request to the network.

How can I have a Magic Number?

Magic number is eligible for customers holding 18 months contract only. If you are in a 12 month contract you can upgrade your contract and then enjoy are magic number services.

Can I use my phone abroad?

You can now use your Orange Phone in over 159 countries when you pay monthly with Orange. If you're on pay as you go, you can also use your phone abroad.

5 Vodafone Network Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out my number?

Simply dial * # 100 # followed by SEND. After a few moments, your number will be displayed on your phone.

Why do I get a dead tone when I make a local call?

Please make sure that you are dialing the full dialing code for all calls you make from your mobile phone.

What is my PIN?

Vodafone's default voicemail PIN is 3333. If you haven't set a PIN, this is likely to be your PIN number.If in doubt, you'll need to contact Vodafone customer services.

My phone is asking for a PUK what do I do?

The PUK (Personal Unblocking Key) code is needed when a security PIN number has been entered incorrectly three times. Please contact your service provider to request your PUK code. Entering incorrect PUK code several times can permanently block the sim card in your phone.

My phone is asking for a security code?

Nokia handsets have a default security code of 12345 and most of the Motorola handsets have a default code of 000000.

Please contact your service provider if you are unable to unlock your security code.

What do I need to get Video calling?

To get Video calling you need a Vodafone live! 3G phone . The person you are Video calling will also need a video phone.

What is Mobile TV?

It is a service that lets you watch a wide variety of popular channels on your 3G Vodafone mobile.

How much do I need to pay for Mobile TV?

Vodafone TV 500 plan offers FREE TV for 6 months. The mobile TV pack must be selected at point of connection. The TV Pack will be charged at the standard rate and is credited back to the customer on a monthly basis.

From month 7, the service is charged at the standard rate unless cancelled at any time by the customer by calling 191 from the handset.

What is Vodafone Passport?

With Vodafone Passport you can use your mobile abroad as often as you like. Whether you're a pay monthly or pay as you talk customer* you just pay a 75p connection fee each time you make a call and, after that, you're charged at your usual home tariff. You can even use any inclusive minutes you have in your bundle.

How can I activate my Vodafone passport?

You just need to dial 5555 from your Vodafone phone. It's free of cost.

6 Mobile Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my mobile broadband dongle or USB modem on different computers or laptops?

Yes you can plus you mobile broadband dongle or modem into any laptop or computer.

What coverage does Mobile broadband have?

Mobile broadband covers around 99% of the UK. Speeds and quality of connection can vary and are typically stronger in urban areas.

Can I use mobile broadband abroad:

Yes in most countries but there are addition charges. Typically these are around 10 a day and can rise if you exceed download limits.

Can I use mobile broadband on a train?

Yes though coverage and speed can vary dependent on the strength of the mobile signal you can receive.

Do I need a landline for mobile broadband?

No there is no need to pay for a landline with mobile broadband.

Can I use mobile broadband for online gaming?

Mobile broadband is currently a little slow for gaming and download limits are generally not adequate. We would advise a specialized gaming broadband gaming broadband package.

7 Mobile Number Portability Frequently Asked Questions

Transferring your number

MNP process, in brief:

1. Request a PAC number from your existing network customer services

2. Order your phone online with Mobiles.co.uk

3. Contact the customer service dept of your new network when you receive your new phone, and give them your PAC number

What is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the industry agreed process by which a customer can switch from one network operator to another and take their existing mobile number with them, for example from Orange to 3.

Starting the process

Contact your current Service Provider (the company your contract is with) and ask for a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC).

The PAC number is your authority to request a transfer and will allow the Network you wish to move to, to request your number be transferred to them.

>Your current Service Provider can only refuse to issue a PAC for the following two reasons:

• your number is disconnected - i.e. you must not cancel your existing contract before requesting a PAC number

• you have not yet fulfilled your obligations under your existing minimum term contract

Your PAC number is only valid for 30 calendar days; your request must be submitted to the new network within that period.

What do I need to do next?


For most networks you are connecting to, it is possible to port your number after connection. When your new handset arrives it will make and receive calls with a temporary number. Simply call the new network customer services and pass them the PAC number you have. The network will arrange port dates with your old network, and on the agreed date your number will be moved across to the new handset.


Please note that to transfer your number to a Vodafone contract, you will need to request and supply us with your PAC code before you complete your order or the number transfer will not be possible. The porting process can take up to 7 days during which your SIM card will remain inactive.

O2 iPhone

Unlike in most cases, with O2 it is possibile to port your number and stay on the same network if you are buying an iPhone. Existing O2 customers can transfer their number across to their new iPhone by requesting a PAC code and following the normal MNP procedure.

How long does it take?

After requesting a PAC number from your existing network, they are required to supply it to you within a few days (providing you have fulfilled the obligations of your contract) however some networks will supply it immediately. After relaying your PAC number to your new network, the porting process should be completed within 2 working days. Mobile networks vary

Important information

The following points should be read carefully as they may apply to your circumstances:

• If you are transferring a pay as you go number, any credits with your current network will not be transferred to the new network

• A request from the new network to transfer your number represents a notice to terminate your existing subscription with your current network

• The issuing of a PAC number against a mobile number will revoke any previous disconnection request

• Service charges and any associated subscription charges will continue if no transfer request is received by your current network, even if you've previously given notice

8General Frequently Asked Questions

Have locked my handset as a result of entering the wrong pin number.

You should contact your network provider to get a PUK code to unlock the handset. The network numbers to call are as follows:

O2 : 08702410202

Orange : 07973100150

Three : 08707330333

T Mobile 08454125000

Vodafone 08700700191

How do redeem my Cheque Back?

You may redeem your Cheque Back by following these simple steps:

• You should receive a redemption certificate by post Within 14 days of your phone being delivered

• The redemption certificate contains a full breakdown of what documentation you will need to send and when this will need to be sent in order to successfully claim

• The completed redemption certificate and associated documentation will need to be received at the address stated on the redemption certificate within 60 days of the stated redemption period.

• Each of the cheques you receive will contain the next redemption certificate (where applicable).

• If you have changed your name and/or address since the purchase of your handset, please complete the 'Change of Name / Address' section of the Claim Form and follow the relating instructions.

• Please ensure you take copies of any documentation sent in order to process your claim / update your details, as we will not be able to return these.

We will endeavour to process your cheque within 30 days of receiving all the documents, subject to your claim being successful.

Can I have my goods delivered to an alternative address?

We only deliver to the registered address of the card holder. We realise this may inconvenience some people, but by doing this we are confident that we are helping to reduce credit card crime.